your note

When we decided one crazy Saturday night, after too many cups of coffee, to start this project, we had no idea what would become of it.  We loved it.  We got it.  But, to be honest, not everyone gets us all the time.  So, the fact that so many of you were willing to write a note, and share it by letting us photograph you was a huge thrill.  So when people started to ask us if they could be involved by sharing the images that they have taken of their notes, well……our cup runneth over.  So, now you will see images on here that we have taken, and you will also get to see images that people have so generously shared with us.

Would you like to share your note?  Email me.  You may not only be featured on the blog, but it’s possible you will wake-up one morning to find me on your doorstep, waiting to photograph you.  Wait.  That would be creepy.  But I promise to call first… and maybe even bring donuts.

Every girl has a note.  A note to a friend.  A note to a loved one.  A note to themselves.  A note to the world.  Do you have one you would like to share?


11 thoughts on “your note

  1. I would write a note to my parents saying: Dear Mom and Dad,
    You’ve taken care of me my whole life, now it is time for me to take care of you. I want to, I need to. I love you.

  2. A friend told me about your contest…
    My 4 year old daughter wrote down a quote of her own the other day about show-and-tell:

    “I am thankful for everyone…”

    and I finished her quoted words by writing the rest:

    “…but I can’t fit them in my show and tell bag.”

    Let me know if you want to schedule a pic…we are in Longmont. :o)

  3. Here’s my note, as the mother of three boys (6,5,2) wife to a husband,and owner of a male dog and cat, my note would say,

    “I am totally outnumbered…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

  4. I love this idea and have my note written and have been trying to take a pic. Camera not cooperating well so Im trying for photo but may have to send just the note. Thanks!!! If you have any tips on getting a good photo that would be welcomed!

  5. Can we submit these ourselves? I’d love to do one with my baby and his broken leg. His cast comes off Thursday….

  6. I am a 22 year old mother of two beautiful girls and even though my husband helps out it can be a lot. I really want to go to college and I am actually looking into online classes to start and I think my note would say “Realize that your life isn’t what you planned it to be but your dreams can expand to include anything”

  7. My note is to my mom:

    God only gives challenges to people who have the strength and courage to handle them. You are the most courageous person I know and I am so excited to turn out “just like my mother.”

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