Want to share your note?  Here are some answers to the most common questions I get:

What should my note be about?
It should be about whatever you want it to be.  I don’t edit the notes…..in fact, I sometimes don’t even know what people have written before I photograph them.  I ask that it be appropriate in nature and heartfelt in spirit. I always tell people that are stuck on what to write to try two things, 1: write your note to someone….your mom, your friend, someone that inspired you, someone that pissed you off, or 2: think of what you have in your life that is different……something you have overcome, something cool you have done, an accomplishment, or a setback, or something that gives you a unique perspective. Also, because of the nature of the medium, notes that are short and to the point work best, as they are more easily read in your photograph.

I want to share my note—what do I do?
Contact me!  If you are not in the areas that I am photographing, I would still love for you to share your own image of your note.  I am in Southern California, and travel to AZ quite often as well.

Do I have to pay for a photo session to be a part of this?  Do I get paid for doing it?
No and no. If you have a scheduled photo session coming up with me, I would love photograph you with your note at that time, but this is a project that I am doing separate from my photography business.  There is no payment for your participating in the project.

Is this only for girls?
Yes.  But girls of all ages……..1-100.

Any other “rules”?
Just a couple.  All who are photographed must be willing to sign a release, allowing me to use the image for this project.  Also, you must be willing to share a true note.  This is your chance to say something that defines you.  To tell someone you love something amazing.  To share something that people can relate to. To be open and honest.