3 thoughts on “Lisa

  1. LOVE THIS! A mom of 2 wonderful boys AND hitting the big 40 in a year, I too struggle with those rolls that seemed to have blossomed over the years with age and childbirth. Just as I watch my boys blossom into beautiful, independant, creative, glorious individuals -it’s worth it right? Well…….. 🙂 I am still learning too!

  2. I LOVE THIS PHOTO! As a Mom of two …and I just hit the big 40….this has been a tough year…I have been trying to appreciate each stretchmark and roll….but it is a process! This is a beautiful photo, one I think many, many, many women can relate to! Thanks for posting it!

  3. SO powerful! I, too, have watched my body change as I age (fast approaching 50) and have struggled with those changes. I try to remind myself to love my body as it is and work on making healthy habits to improve it. Not as easy as it sounds!

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