This is my friend.  She is the yin to my yang.  The hot to my cold.  The PTO President to my Vice….well, that part is really new, but still, the point is that we are good together.  At least I think so.  She is probably still on the fence about that, but in time I think I will wear her down.:)  She asked to do a note image a while back, but it was just today that I was able to get to it.  This is big for her, as she has a box.  She likes her box.  She likes to stay in her box.  She is not a fan of stepping out of her box or other people getting in her box……or other people knowing what is in her box.  There is a box…..do you get my drift here?  Don’t get me wrong—she is a hell of a good time.  Get a couple of drinks in her and, believe you me, she will be talking about some crazy stuff. 🙂 She is just a bit guarded, which isn’t a bad thing.  She is as loyal as the day is long.  And by the end of next year, she is going to depend on me.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she will.  I don’t know what for , but it will be something….and she is going to let her guard down and trust me with it completely.  It will probably something like cleaning toilets. 🙂 But I’m good at that, so it’s cool. 


These note images are interesting beasts.  Everyone wants to do one.  About half of the people know what they want theirs to say.  About half from that half are willing to do whatever to make the concept of their note interesting.  I like that quarter.  Tatum was part of that quarter.  And, for the record, she is the last person you would put in that quarter and still the first one to offer.  After waiting about 3 hours for rain, because we thought it would be really interesting to do her note in the rain, we gave up and decided to ask her daughter to hold a hose over her head.  Daughter thought that was a fabulous idea, but her 3 year old son wasn’t down.  He found it most upsetting that we were basically throwing water on his Mama while we all shrieked like little girls.  Sweet boy….worried about his mama being so vulnerable.  I was worried about this too.  I was sure that she would change her mind, not like the images, not wanting me to post them.  But…..she liked them.  Turns out her box is bigger than I thought.  Maybe even has see-through walls.  And a beaded curtain and a lava lamp.   Touché, Madam President.  Shame on me for trying to limit you to a boring brown box. 🙂

Some moments need more than one image….this is how this moment went down:


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