This note is a nice example of technology making the world a much smaller place. I went to high school with Natalie…and I am pretty sure I have not seen her, in person, since then…not even going to say how many years, because it makes me feel old. 🙂 Then we became facebook friends, commenting on pictures of each others’ kids, and daily ramblings.  When I mentioned looking for people to participate in this project, she volunteered. So…..this morning, I got to see her and meet her adorable daughter, Irelyn.

I knew that Natalie had lost her father recently, but did not realize that she had already lost her mother, as well. I have decided to share her words about her parents along with her note.

“My parents … were married for 14 years and thought they would never have kids until my mom popped up preggo with me!! They were married for 42 yrs. My mother turned 65 two mos before she passed away in January 2005, suddenly, of congestive heart failure, and a month after celebrating their forty-second wedding anniversary, and my 28th birthday in December. My dad was in remission from cancer since 2001. However, on his birthday, in February 2009, he was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. He did well during chemotherapy, however 2 mos before he passed he went downhill but kept his sense of humor and his tenacity for life as well as his strength never to complain. He passed away 3 days after my 33rd birthday and 3 days before Christmas. He would have been 72 on his birthday, February 2010.”


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