Julie and Emilee

Ok..so…pretty much everyone can relate to one of these notes.  So which camp are you in? Team Julie….Your mom is your perfect example? Or Team Emilee…who is all set to go her own way? Me? I plead the fifth. My mom reads this blog.

I can’t imagine why Emilee doesn’t want to be like her mom…she is a fabulous dancer. 🙂

But Emilee can juggle…..

Sort of. 🙂

See? Don’t these note sessions look fun?All of the cool kids are doing it. 🙂

Not sure if either of these two are like their moms or not….but I do know that they are some pretty cool girls in their own right….which is enough to make any mother proud. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your notes, Julie and Emilee.


One thought on “Julie and Emilee

  1. Oh Honey, no worries I’ve known since you were little that you “THINK” you are all set to go your own way 🙂 Love ya, Mom

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