It was never about a book…

but….for a minute there…it was.  And, boy was it nice to have an excuse to travel out to California a couple of times so Melodee and I could hug it out (she loves that) and design this thing that we are still so madly in love with even though it didn’t win a silly contest.

We’re back.  On the road again.  Ready to kick butt and take names.  No, not really–both her and I are a lot more wimpy than you would expect–we talk a good game though.;)  Really what we are going to do is shoot images worthy of these amazing notes that you all so kindly continue to share.  No joke–we are humbled.  And grateful.  And, more than ever, in love with this little project of ours.  Thank you.  Thank you for sharing, for believing, for being a part, for boarding our crazy train.

For those of you wanting to follow along at home with our long-winded stories (mine) and words of wisdom (hers) about how it all went down, you will find them here and here.


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