When Beth was just starting her singer career, a man told her father that she wasn’t as pretty as the girls in Nashville needed to be to “make it”.  You know, not to be mean or anything….but because he wanted to help her.  Obviously.   10 years later that comment has stayed with her and in her beautiful and reflective way, she spent quite some time wording this note.  These were taken in her Nashville home, where she is currently living and “making it” just fine.  Not to prove him wrong.  Not to stand for anything or be anything that she’s not.  But rather because that is where she belongs.  She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met—inside and out—and talent pours out of her.


6 thoughts on “Beth

  1. Didn’t know she was ever told that she wasn’t pretty enough, but in every photo she is beautiful! I know its hard to make it in the music business so props to Beth for sticking with it and who know one day everyone might know her name!! Keep dreaming…..

  2. I know her! We went to school together back in the day, and I can’t imagine anyone ever saying she’s not beautiful. She’s very talented and very beautiful!

  3. I’ve known Beth for a very long time. Not that long–since we’re both so SO Young. . . but since before that guy said she wasn’t pretty enough–and she’s always been the prettiest girl I’ve known!

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