I met Bridget a thousand years ago. From the moment I first met her I could see the wisdom in her eyes, patience in her heart, and fire in her belly. Oh, and her hands are made out of kindness. And puppy-dog tails.;) I thought that her and I were cut from the same cloth, however after seeing her amazingly clean and organized home, I realize now that I am wrong. No matter, I dig her anyway.

Today she snuggles with one daughter while she waits for the other. Their family is not yet complete—the really sweet chapters are just starting. But with a an amazing amount of grace and courage, she waits. And the rest of us wait with her to see this family of 3 become 4.


One thought on “Bridget

  1. Oh Lynsey. What a wonderful thing to read before I go to bed. Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. And don’t worry, that house that you saw….it was my “I’m not working, I have time to organize house” it’s not typical. So don’t you worry one bit…if we WERE cut from the same cloth, which I, too think we were….it would be my deepest honor! Thank you for including my daughter in this photograph and for adding your words to my words. My words alone did not do the story justice. Your added words completed the photo to make it just perfect. I’m not surprised….just very, very honored.

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