I had never met Katy before we met to shoot her note session, but I had heard her story. She had a note that she wanted to do with her three girls, which we also grabbed some images of, that I will share soon….but I asked her to tell this part of her story as well.  Rather than me muck it all up with rambling and sarcasm, I am going to share Katy’s words…

My Mom always called me Fertile Mertyl because I get pregnant and carry babies so easily. When my brother and his wife were having trouble having a baby my sister in law joked that she should pay me to carry a baby for her…so I started researching and discovered that surrogacy was a feasible option. That was something I was willing to do for them. I offered, but was told that she REALLY wanted to carry the baby herself. However, I really felt a calling to this….So I signed up with an agency, found the most amazing couple who had been waiting such a long time to find someone who was willing to carry their baby. And I signed all the papers and took all the tests and after a year and a half and 37 difficult weeks delivered two of the most beautiful baby boys. It was such a blessing to be able to create this family. To give children to people who cherish them so much.


6 thoughts on “Katy

  1. wow…my hair looked AWESOME HERE! Maybe we should have done this one before the hiking one. haha.

  2. Wow! That’s really touching. Would you consider doing it again? 🙂 We’re looking for an angel just like you–and it’s great to see there’s hope out there!

    • it is something I have considered doing again. It was the most amazing experience. Funny that you call me an angel, thats what they claim I am…I think I’m just a girl who was lucky enough to take part in making their family.

  3. Wow what an awesome story! What lucky people to have found you and to now have 2 little blessings. 🙂

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